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Are Dehydrated Meat & Veggie Treats Good For Your Pet?

Pawcrafted dehydrated meat jerky treats for dogs and cats

Not only do treats serve as a delicious snack, but they are also great for training and communicating with your pet. There is a wide variety of pet treats available in the market, and one type that has seen a recent surge in popularity is dehydrated pet treats.

As compared to other treats available in the market, all-natural dehydrated treats are considered healthier and more convenient. This is due to the efficient nature of the process by which they are made.

Here is all you need to know about dehydrated pet treats so you can make the right choice for your pooch!

History Of Dehydrated Foods

From the North American Indians sun-drying slices of meat for preservation to the Chinese drying eggs and the Japanese drying fish and rice, drying is known as one of the oldest forms of food preservation.

The commercial production of dehydrated foods began in 1975, after the emergence of Hot-air dehydration in France. Thereafter, modern dehydration techniques have evolved greatly to the 21st-century dehydration process. The ease of use and transportation of dehydrated food without an impacted nutritional value has helped the technology stand the test of time.

Out of all existing food preservation methods, dehydration has received the most widespread popularity. Techniques of drying food have become more convenient over time. This continuous innovation has made dehydrated food a multimillion-dollar industry today.

What Are Dehydrated Pet Treats?

Pet food and edibles were commercialized in the 14th century. Research and development by large and small pet food manufacturers eventually led to dehydration finding its way to pet foods and treats too.

Dehydrated pet treats involve the removal of moisture content from any meat, fruit, or vegetable to make preservation and storage easier. The process of making dehydrated pet treats makes them healthier than many other highly processed treats. This is because there are no preservatives needed and the nutrients present in the raw ingredient remain intact after dehydration.

How Are Dehydrated Pet Treats Made?

The process of making dehydrated treats involves the removal of water from the chosen meat, fruit, or vegetable using a dehydrator. The raw ingredient is sliced into thin even strips and the slices are then placed onto dehydrator trays. These trays are heated at low temperatures for long durations. 

Through this, any harmful pathogens in the raw meat and most of its moisture gets removed. This process can take anywhere between 12 to 24 hours. The outcome, delicious and crispy treats for your pet!

Benefits Of Feeding Dehydrated Treats To Your Pet

Pawcrafted Dehydrated Meat Jerky Treats for Pet Dogs and Cats
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The slow and gentle process of dehydration makes sure all the moisture is pulled out of the chosen ingredient, leaving no scope for harmful bacteria to thrive. Apart from not having any preservatives, there are other benefits of choosing dehydrated treats for your pet. Let’s take a look at some of these:

1. Better & Safer Process

Dehydration is one of the most natural ways of preserving food. The process of making dehydrated treats itself makes them healthier than other highly processed treats.

All-natural dehydrated treats are made using limited ingredients. This means you wouldn’t have to worry about your pet consuming preservatives or any other artificial additives. It also results in nutritionally appropriate and naturally long-lasting treats!

2. High Nutritional Value

Dehydrating doesn’t take away any original nutrients from the ingredients. Since no additives are added to the treats except the meat, vegetable, or fruit, there is no compromise on the nutritional value.

The ingredients are cooked at low temperatures to only kill the harmful bacteria without affecting the nutrient content. Thus, dehydrated treats become ideal treats for our pets!

3. Unparalleled Convenience

Dehydrated treats are moisture-free, making them extremely lightweight and easy to use. Low moisture makes the treats easy to store and increases their shelf life.

Even when you are traveling with your pet, dehydrated treats are the easiest to carry along and even take up less space than other alternatives, while providing the same, or even better level of nutrition.

If you want to incorporate healthy treats into your pet’s diet, dehydrated treats are the way to go. Combine a long shelf life and a healthier, much tastier option, and what you have are the safest treats for your dog!

Choosing The Best Dehydrated Pet Treat

Buying treats can be confusing due to the endless variety of treats available in the market. Additionally, not all dehydrated treats are free of harmful additives or chemicals.

When buying dehydrated treats, it is important to check the ingredients that have gone into making the particular treat. Here are some things you should consider before purchasing your pet’s next pack of dehydrated treats:

  1. An ingredient becomes prone to adulteration, contamination, or nutrient loss with more and more processing. Opt for dehydrated treats made with single or whole ingredients, instead of by-products.
  2. When buying dehydrated treats, make it a habit to check the ingredients label for anything that could harm your pooch, like artificial colors, salt, sugar, chemicals, glycerin, or synthetic preservatives.

Pawcrafted’s range of dehydrated treats is completely natural and made from limited ingredients of the highest quality. Our fresh, human-grade ingredients are produced and sourced locally from trusted vendors and go through end-to-end processing in-house.

Try Pawcrafted to give your pet the goodness of Dehydrated Pet Treats that are 100% Made In India.

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